Inventory Search

Every Visitor to your Site is a potential customer, and we can get them there. With nearly 90% of buyers today using the Web to help make their purchasing decisions, it's more important than ever for dealers to have an online presence. Whether it's searching for local inventory, comparison shopping or finding directions to a local dealership, shoppers are using the Web to locate and select a dealer.

The Internet is the first source consumers turn to when looking for new and used equipment. To make sure that buyers find your website, not the competition's, you need to have a website that is designed to drive buyers to your website - ePro will do that!

Inventory Pages- These pages are optimized for search engine performance to attract new customers to your site. Your 24-hour showroom is automatically populated with new product details directly from your OEMs with each model year. These pages include photos, product specifications, and dealership information designed to increase your search engine ranking.

Generate Leads- Proven to increase lead generation, persistent call-to-action lead forms are available for every model on your website. Leads can get expensive, so taking advantage of every opportunity that your website presents is vital to building your pipeline for future sales.

Create More Opportunities-Now you have the ability to make a sale that you would have otherwise lost. Our easy-to-use, cost-effective website solutions drive buyers to your website and showroom and increase traffic and sales for over 60 leading manufacturers and 2,000 dealer locations worldwide.

Dynamic Search Capabilities- Consumers can easily search new, used, brokerage inventory and brochures by length, price, and type.

Search Engine Optimization- Organic search engine optimization increases your page ranking on the major search engines and drives significantly more visitors to your website.

Mobile Optimized- ePro Mobile enables consumers as well as your sales team to search new, used and broker inventory using a mobile browser anywhere, anytime.


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